All of us have come across a really slow website at one point, and when we do, it can become very frustrating waiting for the page to load. So frustrating, in fact, that might just back out of the page and visit their competitor’s website instead. If you are the owner of that frustratingly slow website, you just lost a customer. How many times per day do you think this happens? How many customers are lost due to a slow website and how much of your profits are lost with them?

Research shows that more than 53% of consumers abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. As you can see, a fast, easy to use website is an important necessity for any business owner and without it, you could be wasting a lot of time and money.

If your website is slow to load, or you think it could be just a little faster than it already is, keep reading as Banana Host, the industry leader in fast, reliable and affordable web hosting, is going to share some tips that will help you speed up your website today. Let’s take a look:

4 Ways You Can Speed Up Your Website

Choose A Great Web Host- a faster website begins with your web hosting. You want to choose the best web hosting service you possibly can if you want your website to be successful at its goal. Be sure to watch for web hosts who offer control over critical areas such as NGINX and who utilise proprietary caching technologies as this will not only ensure a faster website experience for your customers, but it will also ensure that your website is online at all times and that it is reliable.

Minimise- with modern business websites, smaller is sometimes better. Eliminate all of the fluff from your website including excessive JavaScript and CSS files which generate a ton of HTTP requests every time someone visits your website. Combine all your JavaScript and CSS files into one single file (of each type) using a WordPress plugin and watch as your website immediately speeds up.

Simplify- keeping everything about your website simple and clean might sound boring, but it will speed everything up. From design and visuals to code and plugins, everything should work together to improve the speed of your website without making it look too generic.

Reduce Redirects- by reducing the amount of redirects it takes to reach your site, you can increase the initial site download speed by up to 50%! Typically, redirection takes up a lot of time and resources, so make your website reachable through as few redirections as possible.

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